C++ and Excel interfaces for gnuplot


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QIPGraph is a set of C++ libraries and Excel interfaces to interact with gnuplot, a fast command line driven graphic software. Using QIPGraph, you can create complex graphics with a few simple lines of C++ or in Excel.

Here is a simple example and the matching graph output by gnuplot using C++:

#include "QIPGraph.h"

Plot plot(false,300,200); // get an instance of gnuplot

plot.command("p [-pi:pi]  cos(x)" );


30-day free trial. After this period 10$ a year.


You can download the 30-day free trial QIPGraph_1_0.zip file for Windows. Last build 05 March 2012. To buy it contact me.


  1. Download gnuplot. Current last version: gp444win32.zip or check at gnuplot download
  2. Extract the files in the folder C:\Program Files\gnuplot. It is important to have this folder since the Excel Add-in will look into it to get the executable.
  3. Download QIPGraph_1_0.zip and extract all files in the folder C:\Program Files\QIPGraph.
  4. Open Excel and install the add-in using Tool – Add-Ins – Browse to load the file C:\Program Files\QIPGraph\ QIPGraphGUI.xla.   
  5. C++ interface: The header files, .lib, and .dll are in the directory C:\Program Files\QIPGraph. There are no dependencies to any other library apart STL.


The manual is accessible in html format QIPGraph.html


MS Windows XP and later

Excel 2003 and later


Loison.damien(usual sign)gmail.com


Gnuplot commands examples


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