With the comments of the foreigners who have experienced them

Important remarks:

  1. Notation: when "(unknown)" is present in the "advice" column, this means that the foreigner has not given his name, nor his address. You must therefore be cautious concerning this advice.
  2. The situation in a laboratory depend strongly of the professor. If it is not the same professor, the situation can have dramatically changed. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to check it, if you are interested by one of these laboratories.
  3. add your laboratory/company.

City University Laboratory/Company Professor Field Advice
Chofu National Aerospace Laboratory/Aeroengine EngineeringNegative (unknown)
FukuokaKyushu UnivPhys Dept, Faculty of ScienceProf. K NomuraPhysicsPositive (unknown)
Kita-gun, miki-choKagawa UniversityDpt. of Life SciencesMontaniBiologyPositive
KyotoFaculty of engineering, university of kyotoDepartment of polymer chemistryPr. SawamotoChemistryPositive
KyotoKyoto UniversityDivision of Polymer ChemistryProf. HashimotoPhysicsPositive (unknown)
MoriokaIwate Daigaku, koogakubu (engineering faculty)Computer Graphics LabPr.ChibaComputerPositive
NagoyaNAGOYA UNIVERSITYScool of EngeneeringORIHARAPhysicsNeutral
NiigataUniversite de NiigataFaculte de droit Social-sciencesPositive
NumazuAdvanced Communications  ComputerNeutral (unknown)
OkazakiNIBBReproductive BiologyNagahamaBiologyNeutral
SapporoHokkaido UniversityMeme Media LaboratoryYuzuru TanakaComputerPositive
SeikaProtonic Nano-Machine ProjectNano Assembly GroupKeiichi NAMBABiologyPositive
SendaiTohoku Univ.Law Dpt.OonishiOtherPositive (unknown)
SendaiTohoku University  ChemistryNeutral
SendaiTohoku UniversityArchitecture and Building SciencesHirozo MihashiEngineeringPositive
SendaiTohoku UniversityHoriguchi LabHoriguchiPhysicsNegative
SendaiTohoku UniversityInstitute of Mineralogy, Petrology and Economic GeologyOhtani EijiEarth-sciencesPositive (unknown)
SendaiTohoku UniversityMineralogy, Petrology and Economic GeologyOhtani EijiEarth-sciencesPositive
SendaiTohoku UniversityNakano labEiji NakanoEngineeringPositive
SendaiTohoku University-IMRAMPIRLS. SatoPhysicsNegative (unknown)
SendaiTohoku universityComputer and Mathenatics sciences, Graduate school of information SciencesHoriguchi T.PhysicsNegative
SendaiTohokuSekineHideki SekineEngineeringNeutral
SendaiTohoku-daigakuRIECSawada Y. / Sano M.PhysicsNeutral
Sendai, kawatabiTohoku Univ. Agricultural DepartmentLaboratory of Soil and Crop SciencesMasahiko SaigusaOtherPositive
Suita, osakaOsaka UniversityMedical Faculty, Dept. of Medical GeneticsTsujimoto Y.BiologyPositive
Tokyo (hongo)Universite de TOKYODepartement of chemical engineering ChemistryNegative (unknown)
Tokyo (hongo)Universite de TokyoDepartement of Urban EngineeringProf. Yamamoto KazuoChemistryNeutral (unknown)
TokyoTokyo Institute of TechnologyChemical Resources UtilizationMasasuke YoshidaBiologyPositive (unknown)
TokyoTokyo University of Agriculture and TechnologySolar Energy LabKashiwagiEngineeringPositive
TokyoTokyo UniversityPhysiqueWadati (Miki)PhysicsPositive
TokyoUniv of TokyoArakawa LABArakawa Y.EngineeringNegative
TokyoUniversity of TokyoBridge lab EngineeringPositive (unknown)
Tsukuba NIRIMDr. AKAISHIChemistryNeutral
TsukubaGeological Survey of JapanMarine GeologyUrabe TetsuroEarth-sciencesNeutral
TsukubaKEK, Theory Group  PhysicsNeutral (unknown)
TsukubaTsukuba UniversityDep. of basic medical sciencesFAN JianglinBiologyNegative (unknown)
Wako-shiRIKEN Brain Science InstLab. for Memory and Learning BiologyNeutral
YokohamaKeio University  MathematicsNeutral (unknown)
YokohamaTITBiologie MoleculaireOKADABiologyNeutral (unknown)

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