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The objective is to try to understand the problems found by the foreigner workers/researchers/students in Japan

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Part 1 - Personal
1.1. Where do you come from?
1.2. What is your sex?
1.3. What is your age?
1.4. In which region of Japan do (did) you live?
1.5. In what sort of environment do you work in
1.6. Are you here as a
1.7. What is your discipline?
1.8. How long in total have you lived in Japan (months)?
1.9. What kind of financing do you have?
1.10. What is the amount of your income by month after tax (in Yen)?
1.11. What is the rent of your flat?
1.12. How many people do you live with?
1.13. How is your Japanese language?   written:   oral:
1.14. When did you arrive in Japan?

Part 2 - Working Environment
2.1. The boss!
2.1.1. How would you characterize your boss?
2.1.2. How would you assess your working relationship with your boss?
2.1.3. Does he concern himself in your welfare?
2.1.4. Do you feel that he or she is intrusive into your private life?
2.1.5. Do you receive ALL the information you need from your boss?
2.1.6. Does your boss work on the week-end?
2.1.7. Do (did) you learn a lot from your boss (techniques, knowledge, ...)?
2.2. Your colleagues/students (Japanese)
2.2.1 How would you characterize your colleagues?
2.2.2 How would you assess the working relationship with your colleagues?
2.2.3 How do your colleague treat you?
2.2.4 Do you receive ALL the information you need from your colleagues (protocols, ...)?
2.2.5 How do you judge the general culture of your colleagues concerning your field of study/research/work
2.2.6. How would you assess the working relationship of your colleagues with your boss?
2.2.7. Do your colleagues work on the week-end?
2.2.8. How many hours per week are your colleagues PRESENT (not specially working) at work?
2.2.9. Estimate of % of effectiveness of your colleagues during the hours they work
2.2.10. Do (did) you learn a lot from your colleagues (techniques, knowledge, ...)?
2.2.11. Do (did) you think you bring a lot them a lot?
2.2.12. Do you think students are well trained?
2.3. Facilities
2.3.1. How would you assess the quality of the equipment available to you?
2.3.2. When you NEED IT, do you receive any help from, for example, a technician or a computer administrator?
2.3.3. How do you find your library facilities?
How do you work?
2.4.1. Do you essentially work alone, or as part of a team?
2.4.2. Is this as you expected / desired?
2.4.3. Do you work on weekends?
2.4.4. Are you free to schedule the time to come to and go from the laboratory/work?
2.4.5. Please estimate your average hours of presence per week
2.4.6. Estimate of % of your effective works/hours
2.4.7. Do you find yourself working (or present at the university/company) excessively long hours?
2.5. Seminars/meeting
2.5.1. How many hours by week do you spend in seminars/meetings
2.5.2. Do you think that the seminars/meetings you go are
2.5.3. Do you estimate that you spent in seminars/meetings
2.5.4. Are the seminars/meeting in Japanese or English?
2.5.5. Must you attend the seminar/meeting?
2.5.6. Must you attend seminars/meetings that you cannot understand due to the Japanese language?
2.5.7. (Only for the researcher) How many research seminars by an invited who does not belong to your research center do you have (/ 3 months)?
2.6. Holidays
2.6.1. How many days paid holiday do you get in one year?
2.6.2. Do you feel that you have enough holidays?
2.6.3. Do your boss accept easily that you take holidays?
2.7. General
2.7.1. Is there a strong hierarchy in your lab?
2.7.2. If yes, do you think it's a drawback for your doing research?
2.7.3. Do the discussions that you have lead to modifications in the research methods used in the lab/company
2.7.4. (Only for the women) Do you find that the fact that you are a female plays a role in your treatment with your colleagues/boss?
2.7.5. Did you find that the color of your skin - or your nationality - affected your treatment by your boss and/or colleagues.
2.7.6. Have you ever face a case where Japanese politeness (for example, wide gap between what is said and what is expected) was a source of misunderstanding or of disturbance for your research/work?
2.7.7. Do you think being in Japan help to build network (collaborations, discussions) that could be useful for you in the future?
2.7.8. How do you find collaboration (between laboratories or companies) when at least one of the partner is Japanese?
2.7.9. What percentage of your work do you carry out in Japanese?   written:   oral:

Part 3. Social life/Meeting people
3.1. Is it an obligation to go out with your colleagues/boss drinking or other activities?
3.2. Do you have opportunities to meet Japanese people outside of your workplace
3.3. Do you feel isolated?
3.4. Are you happy and satisfied with your social life?

Part 4 - General/Conclusion
4.1. Compared to your initial plan at the beginning of your stay, you have decided to
4.2. Do (did) you enjoy your stay in Japan in your professional life?
4.3. Professionally, have you achieved what you came for (diploma, special research, ...)?
4.4. Do (did) you enjoy your stay in Japan in your social/private life?
4.5. Do you regret your decision to come to Japan?
4.6. Do you recommended going to Japan

Part 5. Optional part (can be skipped, but 5.1.1. is important)
IMPORTANT 1: This part is not, if possible, anonymous. If you have a problem to fill it NOW, you will be able to do it LATER when you contract will be finish.
IMPORTANT 2: if you have already filled this survey and just want to add your laboratory/company on the list od laboratories please go directly to list.
5.1. Advice for future students/researchers/workers (Optional)
5.1.1. Do you have a positif, neutral or negative advice of your your laboratory/professor/company (Optional)?
5.1.2. What is the name of your laboratory/company (address, ...) ((Optional) if you give an advice against/for?
Name of your boss(Optional):
Name of your laboratory/department (if applicable)(Optional):
Name of your University/Institute/company(Optional):
Exact address(Optional):
5.1.3. Explain your advice (Optional):
5.1.4. Do you want to give your e-mail so that people interested in this laboratory/boss/company can contact you? (Optional)?
First Name(Optional):
Family Name(Optional):
Your address(Optional):
5.1.5. Do you know some foreign student who did not get his diploma at the end of his studies? (Optional)
5.1.6. If YES, Do you have the name of the laboratory,the professor, the student (How to contact him)... (Optional)
His/her First Name (Optional):
His/her Family Name (Optional):
His/her e-mail (Optional):
His/her address (Optional):
Other (name of laboratoire, professor, University ...)(Optional):
5.2. Do you have some comments (about this survey, some points that we have not spoken about, ...) (Optional)